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Available Stamp Patterns

Our expertise makes us versatile in meeting your needs; our available stamp patterns extend this versatility to the look and feel of your concrete project.

Regrettably, we don't presently have example photos of all types of stamp patterns, but we've provided as many as we can for now.

Stamp Pattern List

  • Ashler Slate (two varieties)
  • Ashler Stone
  • Basketweave New Brick
  • Cobblestone 4' Circle
  • Cobblestone 9' Circle
  • Coquitlam Fieldstone
  • European Fan (circular pattern)
  • Flagstone
  • Garden Stone
  • Herringbone New Brick
  • London Cobble
  • Mexican Tile
  • Runningbond Brick
  • Slate (seamless)
  • Stone (seamless)
  • Tile 12" x 12"

Pattern Examples

Ashler Slate stamp pattern Basketweave Brick stamp pattern Cobblestone circle patterns Coquitlam Fieldstone stamp pattern Garden Stone stamp pattern Random Stone stamp pattern

A spectrum of colour variations are possible with any pattern set.

Ready to take the outdoors to the next level.

  • Stamped concrete
  • Horizontal and vertical decorative concrete
  • Circles and borders
  • Conventional concrete finishing (flatwork)
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